Thank you for stopping by! Everything is made using either a laser, various saws, or my hands. 🤍

About the Products

Wooden Creations

When items are created with wood, they are made with either birch plywood or maple plywood. They are then sanded down + prepped for the laser machine or to be cut with a saw. When they are cut + engraved on my laser machine, there will be a burnt wood smell to them. At the moment, the maximum engraving area that I can do is 18" by however long/wide rather it is 18" tall by however wide or 18" wide by however tall. Cutting is a different story, I do not have any limitations on size. Due to the nature, each + every piece will vary will grain pattern. No two pieces left in its natural state or stained will be identical.    

Acrylic Creations

Acrylic creations are made with cast acrylic. These creations can be engraved, but majority of the creations that involve acrylic are cut. Sometimes, fingerprints + dust can easily be seen on these items.  

Air Fresheners

    All air fresheners are handmade with love in small batches by me.

    Wood: Laser cut to a specific shape & then engraved.
    Fragrance Oils: Clean from harmful toxins such as phthalates, benzene, beryllium, asbestos, vinyl chloride, + arsenic.