Thank you for stopping by! Everything is made using either a laser, various saws, or my hands. 🤍

About The Creator


I am a crafter at heart, always dreaming + coming up with new ideas. Most days, I am restless + always looking for the next project to be born or come to life. These projects + dreams became bigger + bigger when my Active Duty Husband + I bought a house + had a child precisely one month apart.

I started out making wax melts which is what started my small business. A few months into making wax melts, I grew into making car fresheners which became a huge success, however I got burnt out on making them. During this time, I wanted to take my business to the next level, somehow. After some brainstorming, an add popped up on my social media about a laser machine, I took a leap of faith + it brought me here today. I work with a laser machine along with a number of saws to create your special pieces. 

I want to make every life moment one to remember through my version of art. Being a military family, we know + understand what it’s like to miss family + friend events. We know + understand what it’s like not to share some big moments in our lives with close family + friends. THIS is why we offer customizable options for all of our products along with shipping. We want to create memories that fit any + all of your needs that way each memory can be cherished anywhere.

When you inquire about our products, we go over what you’re looking for + see if I am good match for your needs. Everything I do is either engraved or cut using a laser or a saw. Nothing I do involves vinyl as it eventually wears off with time.